My Baby Promise

The Expectant-by-faith Couple's Inspirational Verses


I am a faithful husband and I am happily married. However, for years now, my wife and I discovered that having a baby was not a natural thing for us.

But no worries – my Father in heaven knows our situation, and He was not caught by surprise! He sets the lonely in families. Now this has to be supernatural, a miracle.

I have turned to the right Person for help. As I listen to Him in my Quiet Time, the Word unravels itself and it builds my faith and gives me hope.

I will have a baby.

And if you have the same issue as mine, let’s believe God together.  Feel free to share any Scriptures you may encounter along the way.

As of September 2013, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Just before our 8th Wedding Anniversary, the Lord came to our rescue, and caused my wife to conceive.

If God did it for us, then God will also do it for you!

You're next!

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